Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Getting Use Out of Your Old Boxes

Oftentimes I find myself wondering what to do with all my old cheap moving boxes that I had from moving into my new apartment about 10 months ago. Currently, they’re just sitting behind my couch or posted up along my staircase, and I can’t help but feel they’re creating needless clutter that gives off the impression that I’m too lazy to take care of the boxes.

While tossing them in the dumpster is probably the easiest and takes the least amount of work, I also realize that I’ve got a lot of stuff that could use some organizing, and decluttering my apartment was the goal to begin with these boxes, right?

Here are a few ideas I have that I’ll put to the test this weekend when I finally decide to tackle some of the mess of my apartment.

Putting away seasonal clothes.
There is such a thing as seasonal clothes, even for guys. While I hear about it so much from other girls, I definitely know that I’ve also got my warmer apparel that won’t see any use during the summer. And since the seasons are currently in transition right now, I may as well fold up some of my heavier sweaters and wool socks, pack them in some of the boxes, and put them in the basement for the duration of winter.

Storing unused or old books.
I always find it a shame to put books away in storage when I’d rather showcase them on a shelf, my home entertainment system, or in a dedicated bookcase. But sometimes, it’s best to put away what’s not in use and what isn’t as new or shiny as other books. Just make sure when you put them away that you pack them in boxes on their back ends or standing up and down. Packing books on their spines (or reverse) can wear down the spine a lot quicker than if you pack them laying on their backs. Your cheap moving boxes will definitely come in handy when you’re putting books away.

Old tech and video games.
Whether it’s controllers, the actual console, video game cartridges, or other computer or tech related stuff, you’ve likely got some drawer in your home entertainment system that’s full of things you’ll never use again because they’re outdated. If you have some sort of nostalgia for them or feel like you’ll never get money out of it and just want to hold onto them, you probably should find a place for them in storage.

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